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​​​​​​The Research and Development Team is committed to bringing the best patient care to the people of Staffordshire through new drugs and treatments by using innovative research and fostering creative ideas.

In this section you will find information about the R&D Team including who we are, the work we do, and how you can get involved.

There is also information for staff on the ways we can offer support and we are particularly keen to hear from companies, organisations, and charities who would like to work in partnership with us to further develop research and development opportunities.

We are currently reviewing and adding new content to these pages so please keep checking back for more information.

In the meantime, if you would like more information on Research and Development please e-mail resea​​ or call 01782 675381.​

At University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust we are a 'research active' organisation, which means we actively seek and support the development and delivery of potentially the best innovative new treatments for our patients.

Our researchers are internationally renowned and take part in global research to help a whole range of medical conditions. Through our collaboration with Keele University, leading professors and research scientists are now working alongside our clinicians to deliver ground-breaking research that can help patients not just in Staffordshire, but all over the world.

Within their specialist labs on the Trust's site, Keele researchers are devising new drugs and new treatments at a laboratory bench, which doctors and nurses are then delivering directly to patients' bedsides.

This means we have home-grown treatments which have been developed in the Trust's site now being trialed directly with our patients in areas such as Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes.​

Research and Development – What we Do?

The R&D Department develops opportunities to find innovative treatments and looks for ideas for new products or procedures to help further improve patient care.

For our work on research there are two main areas:

1.    Home-grown research and NHS research

As a research active organisation our own staff and clinicians suggest ideas for research based on their experience and the needs of their patients. We also support national studies and trials run by the NHS.

2.    Commercial research
We also work in partnership with other public and private organisations to help in the development of a drug or equipment to take to market. This may include other health organisations and pharmaceutical companies who want to use our expertise and invite our patients to take part in research.

​Want to carry out some Research?

If you have an idea for a research study, in the first instance, please contact our Academic Team via e-mail at

​Innovation is key to Unlocking Future Developments

If you have ever had that light bulb moment when you can see a better way of doing something or had an idea for a new piece of equipment to help patients, then our Commercial Development Team wants to hear from you.

They work with patients through to doctors and nurses, indeed anyone working at the Trust, to develop new ideas. These may include innovations to improve the way we work or ideas to further improve the care offer. An example may be an idea for a new piece of equipment to help patients.

Ideas into a Reality

Our Commercial Development Team looks at turning an idea into a reality.

Not only can they help to bring ideas into practice on our wards and clinics but also develop ideas for sale in the commercial market. Using their specialist experience, the Commercial Development Team offers expert guidance to help make an idea into a saleable commodity. The money raised is then re-invested in services and care at the Trust.​

​​Contact the team via e-mail at

Recruitment for the Latest Trials
We have a number of trials going on across the whole Trust and we are looking for volunteers who are interested in taking part in helping to find new treatments.

The studies we take part in may include a questionnaire through to clinical research looking at new treatments. We try and tailor any appointments around existing hospital visits so taking part in research is quick and easy.

Help  Needed – Could you Volunteer?

If you are currently receiving care at the Trust and are interested in new treatments that may help you as well improving patient care, then please let your doctor/nurse know. They can then arrange for one of our friendly, specialist research nurses to come and have a chat with you.

If you are a visitor to this web page then please contact the R&D Team on 01782 675381 or e-mail: and mark your e-mail volunteer request and include your contact details.

This is the Code of Conduct​ for the Research and Development Department and sets out our behaviour standards in our work with our colleagues and all our stakeholders including patients, the public, staff, and our partners in the local and wider health community.

Staff Training and Development Opportunities with Research and Development

There are a number of opportunities offering training and support to Trust staff to help them develop their skills and experience in delivering research trials.

All our courses are free of charge and offered by our friendly and experienced staff. Places are limited so booking is required.


IT Skills Pathway Training Centre

The IT Skill Pathway Training Centre (ISPTC) is an online resource that has been designed by the R&D Training Officer and made available to all R&D staff, to enable them to develop their skills in the use of Microsoft Office packages. 

The ISPTC is available 24-hours a day from any computer with internet access. 

A user guide has been developed which explains how to access the ISPTC, and this can be found here​.

Staff who wish to access the ISPTC during working hours will need to seek permission from their Line Manager firstly, and agree the amount of time they will spend doing so.


GCP Training

GCP training is provided by the NIHR and here is the link for the e-learning GCP.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) ​​​- Dates soon to be released.

Face to face training: ​Please check back for 2018 dates,

Further information about GCP training (including full details of how to access and complete the online GCP training) is available he​​re​.​​

Training courses in trials and methodology  -  The HTMR Network has identified training courses relevant to clinical trials methodology that are offered in the UK and Ireland. For workshops and conferences see h​​​ere.  The Network, Hubs and external partners offer various training from formal degree courses in clinical trials and methodology, to short skills-specific courses for those already working trials. These listings are provided as information only, and the Network does not formally endorse any particular training courses.​​

For the latest performance figures on our clinical research trials at the Trust, provided for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), please click here


Performance in Initiating Delivering Research Report Q3 2019-20

Here at UHNM we work in partnership with the NIHR Clinical Research Network West Midlands. This organisation helps to increase opportunities for patients to take part in clinical research, ensures that studies are carried out efficiently, and supports the Government's Strategy for UK Life Sciences by improving the environment for commercial contract clinical research in the NHS in the West Midlands.

It is the largest (by population) of 15 local branches in a co-ordinated national Network

The Network team is passionate about the contribution that clinical research can make to patient care, and works collaboratively with other NHS providers to translate that passion into the effective delivery of studies in the area.

It makes sure that clinical research occupies the place it deserves to in the day-to-day work of the NHS across the West Midlands locality. This includes Trusts, primary care organisations and any other qualified providers of NHS services.

Further information and contact details can be found on the website:​​

The Clinical Research Network is part of the National Institute for Health Research, the clinical research delivery arm of the NHS.

Whether you are making an enquiry or would like to find out more information about research as a UHNM patient, researcher or representative from a commercial company, please contact us at:​


The Research & Development Department

Courtyard Annexe (C Block)

University Hospitals of North Midlands

Royal Stoke University Hospital​

Newcastle Road




Telephone; 01782 675381


Get involved in Research

Wh​​at we do

The Accident and Emergency Department at the University Hospitals of North Midlands treats over 150,000 patients per annum. Patients visit the department with a variety of illnesses and injuries, some of which are life threatening.

Research within the Emergency Department is focussed on new treatments and procedures during the intense phase of the patient's stay in hospital and is fully supported by the Department's team of Consultants and Senior Doctors together with a full time Research Nurse.

Contact ​Details

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Accident and Emergency research please contact:

Nicola Pattison, Research Administrator - 01782 672782

Or alternatively email

What we do​​

Our main objectives are to act as the patients' advocate therefore making sure that high standards of oncology and haematology treatments are delivered, whilst offering support and advice for patients and staff and continuing to drive the break through in new treatments.

Clinical Trials are studies into new treatments or medical care, identifying the most effective way of treating, in this case, cancer. Treatments being tested may be aimed at prevention, diagnosis, overall survival, symptom management and improving quality of life.

Clinical Trials are undertaken in phases 1 to 4. Here at the Cancer Centre we undertake Phase 2 and 3. Most of these studies are National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) approved studies and a percentage of those trials are Pharmaceutical Commercial Trials.

We recruit our patients from clinics in the Main Building, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and a specific Research Clinics. Patients who are recruited have a Cancer Diagnosis, have just been diagnosed, have received treatment or are in follow-up.

In our Team we have a Trial Manager/Clinical Nurse Specialist, 1 Senior Research Nurse, 7 Research Nurses, 1 Research Radiographer, 1 Data Manager, 2 Clinical Assistants and a Support Secretary.

The role of the Research Nurse/Radiographer is to:

  • Recruit and screen patients for entry into studies
  • Ensure informed consent has been given and be involved in this as an on-going process
  • Randomisation of patients to study treatments
  • Collect and record good quality data
  • Follow up patients for the period outlined in the study protocol
  • Educate other disciplines about oncology/haematology clinical trials
  • Critically review study protocols
  • Work within recognised standards and regulations to ensure patient safety

Contact Details

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Cancer research please contact:

01782 672559

Or alternatively email:​

What we​ do

The Critical Care Unit is a 24-bedded unit with around 900 patients admitted a year. Patients are admitted with a variety of conditions ranging from post-operative surgery, trauma, breathing difficulties and conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Patients are screened daily to check potential eligibility in to the recent trials being carried out on the Critical Care Unit.

Contact ​​Details

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Critical Care research please contact:

Ruth Salt, Research Nurse - 01782 672735

Claire Matthews, Research Nurse - 01782 672735

Nicola Pattison, Research Administrator - 01782 672782

Critical Care Unit - 01782 675500

Or alternatively email

What we do​​

Because of the complexity of Diabetes, the care and advice given to patients with Diabetes in North Staffordshire, is delivered by a number of Health Care Professionals. In Primary Care this will include GPs, Practice Nurses and may involve the community based Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Podiatrists and Opticians. In Secondary Care this will include the Consultant Diabetologist and Diabetes Specialist Nurses, working along side staff in Podiatry, Eye Clinic, Kidney, Heart and Neurology departments at the hospital.

Because of the different locations, the Diabetes Research Team aims to link and work in as many of the areas as possible, to introduce and give information about current research projects and to invite patients to participate.

Involvement in any of the trials is entirely voluntary but it gives patients the choice and the opportunity to try treatments which are not routinely available; this care is delivered under careful supervision and monitoring of experienced staff.

Research trials may be led by pharmaceutical companies, who wish to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of newly developed treatments, or to compare the use of a new medical device against an existing piece of equipment.

Trials may be led locally from University Hospitals of North Midlands or be part of a bigger study led by other hospital trusts in the United Kingdom receiving support from a charitable fund. These trials may be investigating and monitoring existing treatments prescribed to patients with Diabetes and the related complications.

Anyone with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes who is interested in taking part in a research project should contact the research team at University Hospitals of North Midlands, for further details and information about current or future projects.

Contact Details​​

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Diabetes research please contact:

Research Administrator - 01782 672784

Or alternatively email

Top recruiting re​search studies​​

PBC - Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: We do not know what causes primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). However, there is evidence that genetic factors are important. By studying DNA obtained from people with PBC, we hope to achieve a better understanding of how genetic factors contribute to this disease.

What we do

Research in Gastroenterology Medicine and Surgery includes such things as looking at gene history, investigating drugs or taking blood samples from patients including those who have reacted to commonly used drugs or drugs used specifically for Inflammatory bowel disease.

Alcoholic hepatitis is also included in the Gastroenterology/Hepatology Speciality and we currently have trials on going in this area. Recruitment is made possible through referrals from Consultants, screening clinics, databases and inpatient admissions. We work closely with the clinical coding team who are able to filter patients that may or may not fit eligibility criteria. We are currently expanding our portfolio to include commercial trials and trying to integrate research as core business within the trust .

We have put together newsletters and sent them to all involved patients to make them aware of current research within Gastroenterology .

We are also exploring the endoscopy the idea of pre assessment for gastro patients so that they can be captured for research when they come to the Endoscopy Department.

Contact Details:

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Gastro research please contact:

Susan Gallagher, Research Nurse - 01782 672781

Or alternatively email

What we do​​

We do research trials which investigate a range of heart problems and conditions. There is currently a lot of interest in altering cholesterol management following a heart attack, in lowering bad or raising good cholesterol. The use of antithrombotic medication continues to be a fruitful area of inquiry, looking at different ways to reduce the chances of forming blood clots that may lead to heart attacks and strokes. Other research currently undertaken involves different devices to improve quality of life and outcomes in heart failure or those people needing heart valve replacement.

Each research trial will be overseen by a Consultant to monitor the well-being of participants and to ensure that the research is conducted correctly and safely.

We run research clinics within the Cardiology Department where study procedures are carried out. These are run by research nurses and may include having blood pressure measured, blood tests taken, ECGs recorded and physical assessments performed by a doctor. 

Contact Details

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Heart research please contact:

Jane Delaney, Clinical Assistant - 01782 672779 

Or alternatively email

What we​ do

The Renal Research Team are passionate about making a difference for our kidney patients. We are actively involved in all aspects of kidney research, this includes new medicines, new peritoneal dialysis fluids, changes in current clinical practices, quality of life questionnaires, rare diseases registers and genetic trials to name a few. 

We actively encourage patients and staff to share our enthusiasm and ask any questions with regards to research, and feel they too can be part of making a difference. We are looking for kidney patients and staff to be involved in our growing research activity. We are present in the outpatient Chronic Kidney Disease clinics, Kidney Transplant clinics, the Haemodialysis Units, and to Home Therapy Training areas. We aim to be as flexible and approachable as we can for all patients and staff to feel at ease and understand fully any research trial they are happy to participate in.

We are currently looking for patients with the diagnosis of Vasculitis, Membranous Nephropathy, Atypical Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome, Chronic Kidney Disease, Peritoneal Dialysis patients and patients undergoing haemodialysis.

Contact Details

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Kidney research please contact:

​​Viv Colclough, Research Data Coordinator - 01782 672784

Or alternatively email

What we do

Under the leadership of Professor Monica Spiteri, the department of respiratory medicine is actively engaged in research. The aims of the lung research programme are to create cutting edge research that addresses local community needs and builds on local clinical and academic expertise, to deliver research projects with a clear patient benefit in the area of respiratory disease diagnosis, intervention and/or general care and to maximise intellectual property capability and research revenue within University Hospitals and the wider economy.

Contact Details​

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Lung research please contact:

Pauline Jones, Research Nurse - 07528 797039

Vicki Adamson, Research Nurse - 07811 137593

Jacqueline Piggott, Clinical Nurse Specialist - 01782 675758

Or alternatively email

Top recruiting research studies​​

ENCHANTED (enhanced control of hypertension & thrombolysis stroke study): Does low-dose (0.6 mg/kg) i.v. rtPA provide equivalent benefits compared to standard-dose (0.9 mg/kg) rtPA, with reduce the risk of ICH (hemorrhagic stroke). Does intensive BP (blood pressure) lowering improve outcomes compared to the cu​rrent guideline recommended level of BP control and does this reduce the risk of ICH.


What ​​we do

We are one of the eight hyper-acute stroke research centres within England and specialise in hyper-acute trials recruiting patients within hours of the stroke onset. We run a number of thrombolysis and thrombectomy (breakdown of bloody clots) studies offering patients new possible treatments for acute stroke. We are a team of four Stroke Research Nurses covering 8am - 8pm seven days a week and have a very supportive team of four Stroke Consultants, a Stroke Specialist, two Registrars and Neuroradiologists with great support from the Stroke Early Assessment Team Nurses and the A&E Team.  

We have an active portfolio of trials covering hyper-acute, rehabilitation and secondary prevention and are proud to be able to offer so many stroke patients the opportunity to participate in a research trial.

Stroke Research - offering stroke patients the opportunity to participate in high quality trials in the areas of hyper-acute, acute, rehabilitation and secondary prevention.

Contact Details​​

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Stroke research please contact:

Holly Maguire, Lead Research Nurse - 01782 672739

Sue Lyjko, Research Administrator - 01782 672739

Or alternatively email

What we do​

We are a group of Research Midwives and Nurses who specialise in women's health. The research trials we are involved in cover Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Some of the obstetrics conditions we study are pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in your urine), prematurity of the newborn, fetal medicine, and epilepsy. In gynaecology we recruit to studies looking at stress incontinence, fibroids and endometriosis.

Where you can find us​

  • Antenatal Clinic, Maternity Centre, Royal Stoke
  • Gynaecology Clinic, Central Outpatients Clinic Department, Royal Stoke
  • Bentilee Child Health Centre, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Bradwell Community Hospital, Chesterton

Contact Details:

If you would like to speak to someone for further information about Women's Health research please contact:

Angie Rooney, Research Midwife - 01782 672123 / 672785

Suzanne Jerreat, Research Midwife - 01782 672123 / 672785 

Or alternatively email